Non-degree Program
Short-term sessions
2015-04-30 Source: Guangdong University of Finance of International Education

Programme Objectives
1. Offer excellent Chinese language training courses for overseas students.
2. Provide opportunities to learn and experience Chinese culture.
3. Provide convenience to tour around Chinese cultural and nature landscape.
4. Extend scope and depth from current cooperation; enhance communication and friendship between overseas students and our students.

Programme Applicants
1. Students come from our partner universities.
2. International non-Chinese citizen student possesses senior high school degree or above and with a valid passport. 

Programme Highlights
1. Offer short-term courses for foreign students at GDUF.
2. Visit Chinese famous humanities and nature landscape.
3. Promote cultural and academic exchanges between foreign students and our students.

Programme Contents

Duration Courses Tourism programs Fees
65 Days

Chinese language training courses, Introduction to Chinese history, Introduction to Confucian culture, Chinese culture seminars, Tai Ji Twice for city tour and once for famous scenic spots 4400 RMB/person

Course Detail
1. Chinese Language Training: 4 Credits, 60 Hours. It teaches pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar fundamentals as essential elements in reading, writing, and understanding elementary Chinese.

2. Introduction to Chinese History: 3 Credits, 45 Hours. The course aims to acquaint students with the content of Chinese history from earliest times to the present. With the help of the course, students will be able to learn much about Chinese history.

3. Introduction to Confucian Culture: 3 Credits, 45 Hours. This course will cover many aspects of Chinese Confucianism, including its key elements. Confucian studies prove to be primarily as a philosophical and religious tradition. The course will give a good introduction to Confucius, Confucianism and Confucian classics, its evolution and transformation, the Way of Confucianism, its ritual and religious practice, ethics, politics and religion in the Confucian tradition, Confucianism and its modern relevance, etc. With the help of the course, students will be able to learn much about Confucianism, the gist of Chinese traditional culture, and, thus, know better about China and Chinese people.

4. Chinese culture seminars: 2 Credit, 30 Hours. Teaching contents: (1) Introduction to Chinese Monetary culture; (2) Reform and Opening-up of China

5. Martial Arts-Tai Ji: 3 Credits, 45 Hours. Tai Ji is the essence of Chinese Martial Arts. The course is acceptable for both females and males, and it not only practices human body from inside and outside but also cultivates personal morality. Technically, Tai ji is based on actions like stroke, squeeze, press, push, elbow, depend, advance, retreat, look around, stand etc. With the help of the course, students will be able to learn much about basic sequences about Tai Ji.

Cultural and Academic Exchanges Activities
1. The cultural and academic exchanges between overseas students and students from college of international extension.
2. Various social gathering activities with GDUF students.

Sightseeing Trips and Tours Activities
City Tour includes:
1. Guangzhou Monetary and Finance Museum
2. Guangdong Museum\ Haixinsha Park\ Canton Tower
3. Guangdong University of Finance, Zhaoqing
4. Shamian Museum
5. Panyu Dafu Mountain (barbecue & bicycling)
Time: on weekends
Fees: 80 dollars/ person/ time/tour

Famous scenic spots:
1. Guilin ".-Yangshuo---Longsheng 750 dollar/ person
2. Gulangyu---Xiamen---Xiamen University 750 dollar/ person