Non-degree Program
Mandarin Courses
2015-04-30 Source: Guangdong University of Finance of International Education

Duration Spring term: every March to July;
Autumn term: every September to January
Level Elementary class: Elementary Comprehensive Chinese, Elementary Chinese Listening, Elementary Chinese Speaking, Modern Chinese Phonetics, Chinese Character Writing, Chinese Culture.
Intermediate class: Intermediate Comprehensive Chinese, Intermediate Chinese Listening and Speaking, Intermediate Spoken Chinese, Chinese Reading, Modern Chinese Writing, Chinese Culture.
Advanced class: Advanced Comprehensive Chinese, Selected Reading of Chinese Newspaper and Periodical Articles, Business Chinese Writing Advance Chinese Listening and Speaking, Chinese Culture.
Certificate When you complete all required class hours and pass exams, you will be awarded a certificate.
School time and workload Monday to Friday (8:10-11:10,14:00-15:20)
20 sessions per week
40 minutes per class
Electives Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Tai Ji, Cantonese and HSK tutorial etc.
Extracurricular activities Chinese Corner, International Cultural Festival, Talent Competition, Games and New Year's Party
Fees Application fees: 400 RMB (non-refundable)

Tuition fees: 16,000 RMB/ year

Accommodation fees: 8,000RMB/year

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