Degree Program
BA in Finance
2015-04-30 Source: Guangdong University of Finance of International Education

Duration: 4 years
Teaching Language: Chinese
Time of Enrollment: September
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Economics

This 4 year program provides academic education for foreigners and non-native speakers of Chinese, intends to improve their Chinese language skills and understanding of Chinese culture, to master the expertise and operational skills of Finance, to understand specific international financial business, to create strong sense of innovation and marketing capabilities, and to cultivate expertise qualified for financial related work in financial institutions, research institutions, consulting firms, schools, etc.

The first two years:
Elementary and Intermediate Chinese, Listening and Speaking, Extensive Reading and Applied Writing, Chinese Language and Culture, Advanced Chinese, Advanced Chinese Speaking, Elementary Writing, etc.
The last two years:
Finance, Public Finance, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Accounting, Management, Statistics, Economic Law, Financial Accounting, International Finance, International Trade, International Settlement, Operation of Commercial Banks, Investment, Corporate Finance, Financial Engineering, Insurance and other selective courses.

Graduation qualification:
1.  Attaining all the compulsory credits.
2.  Passing the dissertation.
3.  Obtaining HSK6 for graduation diploma and HSK7 for Bachelor of Arts.

Admission Requirements:
For admissions, you must:
1. Be a non-Chinese citizen with a valid passport.
2. Graduated from Senior high school or above. Provide a copy of official or notarized diploma certificate and transcripts of senior high school in English or Chinese (graduating students shall present letter of certification for graduation).
3. Chinese language proficiency: HSK level 4 or above.

Application documents:
Should include but not limited to:
1. Application Form for International Students,
2. Scanned personal information page of passport,
3. Scanned official or notarized diploma and transcripts of highest level of education(in Chinese or English),
4. Certificate of language proficiency (HSK, TOEFL/IELTS).

Application Deadline:
June 30
(Note: Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications by this date every year for courses starting in Semester 1st.)

Fees and Charges:
Registration fee: 400RMB.
Tuition fee: 18,000RMB per year.
Accommodation fee: 8,000RMB per year.