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College of International Programs

College of International Programs (CIP) is an educational division of Guangdong University of Finance (GDUF) committed to enrollment and academic management of the university’s overseas studying programs, international joint programs and international student programs. CIP adopts international education mode  for all these programs.Taking advantage of the university’s powerful educational resources, CIP establishes a comprehensive educational and administrative system by incorporating high quality pedagogical methods and resources, including curriculum and textbook, to guarantee teaching quality and thereby provide comprehensive, regulated, economical and consistent international education for all students.

Operating in accordance with the university’s policies and regulations, CIP aims at fulfilling the strategy of cooperation with foreign universities. It has developed an advanced cooperative education system through actively engaging with international universitiesand implementing novel operation and management strategies. So far, CIP has signed cooperation agreements and carried out cooperation programs with more than 20 international universities. These universities areMonash University (AUS), Griffith University (AUS), Queensland University of Technology (AUS), Portland State University (USA), California State University Northridge (USA), Utica College (USA), The University of West Alabama (USA), St. Ambrose University (USA), University of the West of England (UK),Keele University (UK), The University of Nottingham (UK), The University of South Wales (UK), Saint Mary’s University (CAN), Université du Québec (CAN),L’Université Paris Diderot--Paris VII (FRA), L’Université de Cergy--Pontoise (FRA), L’Université de ValenCIPnnese et du Hainaut Cambrésis (FRA), and Linnaeus University (SWE). Our cooperative education models such as “2+2”, “2+3”, “3+1” are adopted in which courses and credits will be recognized mutually by GDUF and its cooperating university. Popular majors such as Finance, 

Accounting, International Economics and Trade and Marketing are provided. Students will be awarded mutual recognized degrees or joint degrees after graduation and be provided with opportunities toward further study or internships. Graduates are expected to meet or exceed the requirements of the job market in south China, more specifically in Guangzhou.Conceived in Finance, dedicated to Finance, and prospering with Finance, GDUF has a long history of finance education. GDUF is renowned nationally for outstanding majors of Finance, Insurance, Accounting, Marketing and International Economics and Trade. Well-known for its high teaching quality and high employment rate of more than 93% upon graduation, GDUF is honored as “Cradle for Talents in Finance”.

In 2013, the University was awarded with the right to admit international students. And the first cohort was enrolled in Sep., 2014. With its rich experiences in cooperating with international universities and its resourceful teaching staff, CIP is able to provide various degree majors for international students, such as Finance, Accounting, International Economics and Trade, Business Administration, Marketing and Chinese Language and Literature. In addition to the above degree programs, CIP is also able to offer non-academic educational programs, such as multi-level Chinese language training programs and different types of short-term study programs, to its international students. At the moment, more than ten students from countries of Asia and Africa have been enrolled in GDUF for degree or non-degree  programs.

Guided by the school motto of nurturing the students to be “virtuous and responsible with determination, refined and versatile with application ability”, CIP aims to cultivate the concepts of “open-mindedness and tolerance to differences” in our students and promote students’ interests and understanding in serving the local communities and the society. The education tenet of CIP is to let our today’s students be people with cross-cultural ability and prepare them for leadership roles of our tomorrow’s world. Our student-oriented faculty are dedicated to educating the students to study with a high degree of spontaneity and behave wisely.

CIP aims to create a welcoming learning atmosphere that inspires students’ learning and success. The dedicated faculty is making great efforts to foster growth and success in every student by providing high quality teaching and learning support.For years, the remarkable staff of CIP has been dedicated to serving the GDUF community and they will continue to undertake their responsibilities in the international affairs in GDUF.